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Timber Sliding Doors

Timber Sliding Doors Melbourne: Increase the amount of natural light into your Melbourne home with custom sliding timber doors

As the leading designers and manufacturers of timber doors and windows in Melbourne, Whetstone Windows & Doors can provide the perfect solution for your home. One of our most popular products, our timber sliding doors or wooden stacking doors can be custom made to suit your requirements

Convenient to use and aesthetically timeless, our custom timber sliding doors allow for an increased amount of natural light to enter, opening and brightening up your internal and external spaces all year round.

The innovative sliding systems are designed to carry door panels as heavy as 400kg each, providing you with a huge range of choices when it comes to its design and construction. To ensure ultimate longevity, we use the highest quality timber sliding door hardware for both the top hung and bottom roller sliding systems – we personally highly recommend top hung systems.

Timber Sliding patio doors

Timber Sliding Doors: Why are they so popular in Melbourne?

  • They are perfect for improving the ventilation and air quality in your home
  • Opens ups your home to the outdoors, without losing space
  • You can maximise the energy efficiency of the sliding doors with our range of double glazing options
  • Timber Sliding Doors allow for larger size panels, so you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the outside and an increase in the amount of natural light into your home
  • Timber Sliding Doors are easy to open and close which is a great choice for users with more limited abilities

See below some examples of Timber Sliding Doors:


Check out the gallery for more examples of Timber Sliding Doors & Our Work.

Timber Sliding Doors: Hardware for your Wooden Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Systems

For our Sliding Door hardware, we use both Centor or Brio.

Every Centor sliding window and door system operates with just a fingertip, and is backed by a 10 year warranty. Centor have a sliding system for every application, including internal, external and cavity sliders. Even in door sets up to the maximum configuration of 400kg panels, doors will still glide effortlessly.

Brio also have a range of systems to suit all sizes of Sliding door panels up to 300kg. The combination of their precision bearings and nylon tyred wheels and their unique track profiles provide quiet finger-tip control.

Door Hardware

Sliding Doors can be used in both contemporary and traditional architecture and there is door hardware to suit both applications.

The finishes of flush pulls for Sliding Doors come in a wide variety of options: Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished and Satin Stainless Steel Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Copper. There is also a wide variety of styles to choose.

Below is just a small selection of door hardware that is available.


Insect & Fly Screens for Timber Sliding Doors

Retractable flyscreens are available in custom sizes up to 7.6 metres to suit our Sliding Doors. Click here to view more on our screening options.

For Timber Sliding Doors custom measure and quote or more information on our range, please contact us today.

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