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Single Hung Timber Windows

Single Hung Windows are also known as Double Hung windows with one of the two sashes fixed. The benefits to using a Single Hung window instead of a double hung include overlooking constraints, privacy considerations and safety considerations when there is a substantial drop outside the window. Single Hung windows are also an alternative to Double Hung when budget has an influence.

We provide a range of glazing options available to improve the energy efficiency of your Single Hung windows.

So whether you are replacing period windows or looking for new timber Single Hung windows for your new home or renovation, Single Hung windows are a great solution. Click on the tabs below to view a more in depth description on Single Hung Windows, how they work and what their benefits are. A choice of hardware options is also available to view.

Single Hung Timber Window

What is a Single Hung Window?

The Single Hung window is a traditional style window perfect for period homes. It is almost exactly the same as a double hung only that the top sash is fixed. It consists of 2 sashes with only the bottom sash being able to move up and down.  This means, the same as a Double Hung, that only half of the window can be open at one time.

When to use a Single Hung Window

Single Hung Windows are a popular choice of window type for many reasons.

  • They are a period correct style for many older buildings but with a lower cost that Double Hungs.
  • They provide a beautiful traditional look to new or old architecture.
  • Single Hung windows are great for airflow through the home.
  • Although they are not as airtight as other types of windows such as Casement, you have the option of weatherstipping to prevent and minimise air leaks.
  • They can be used with insect screening.

Hardware for Single Hung Windows

As Single Hung Windows are used mainly in traditional architecture, there is a broad range of period hardware available.

See below for a very small selection of Sash Lifts and fasteners that are available. Hardware is available in a broad range of finishes as well.

A sample of Sash Lifts and Fasteners


Insect Screens for Single Hung Windows

Both Timber and Aluminium flyscreens are available to use with Single Hung Windows.

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