Retractable Fly Screens Melbourne

Add functionality to your windows and doors with our quality centor retractable insect & fly screens

Whetstone Windows & Doors are a recommended supplier of Centor Retractable Insect & Fly Screens and Sun Filter Blinds. Centor Architectural is a manufacturing company that creates innovative folding, sliding, locking and screening systems for window and doors, for both residential and commercial environments.

You won’t find a better quality or more effective retractable insect & fly screen doors in Melbourne than this range at Whetstone. Centor is an award-winning company we are proud to work alongside; their retractable insect & fly screens being a quality product we stand behind 100%.

We have these on display at our showroom in Airport West – discover the Centor insect & fly screen experience today!


Keep the insects out with our practical yet unobtrusive retractable insect & fly screen doors

If you want a beautiful looking space with an unobstructed view through your new bifold doors but are worried about flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests, then retractable insect & fly screens from Whetstone is the solution.

The retractable fly screen itself is integrated into the door frame giving it a hidden, uncluttered look. When the fly screen is retracted, you don’t even know it is there. When the screen is in use, it offers uninterrupted views, unrestricted movement in the summer months and protection from pests.

It’s the perfect insect & fly screen door solution for your Melbourne home.

Our retractable insect & fly screens can be fitted for bi fold doors, french doors or any door design!

Insect Screen Bifold

Bifold Screen

Insect Screens for Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Screens

Insect Screens for French Doors

Screens for French Doors

Insect Screen for Casement Windows

Screen for Casement or Double Hung

Our retractable insect screens have been designed specifically for bi-folding doors but any door can be fitted with a retractable fly screen including French doors, folding and stacking doors. They are adaptable to a variety of screen openings.

  • Openings can be as large as 3 metre high and 5.8 metres wide.
  • The retractable fly screens carry a ten year warranty against manufacturing defect.
  • They are hardwearing, tough and resistant to damage from pets. They have been thoroughly tested and the designers have catered for anything that life might throw at them.
  • Manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers, the systems have undergone cyclic testing to 50,000 operations in a laboratory and been extensively exposed to dust, mud, sand and corrosive atmosphere.

We are also able to supply retractable insect screens designed for retrofitting to existing bi-folds. Feel free to contact our team to discuss what screening options are currently available to you.

Retractable Solar Screens

The S1E Eco-Screen™ from Centor Architectural is a world first product which promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by offering UV protection and thermal insulation. The thermal insulating properties of the screen converts a single-glaze opening to double-glaze performance.

For an added bonus, the solar control blind can also double as a projection screen for either indoor or outdoor viewing. Mechanisms within the system enable the blind to be left partially open, allowing visitors to pass through the door way without the hassle of opening and closing the blind. For openings less than 3.8 metres, the sun filter fabric screen can also be used alongside the insect screen for a multi-function option.

Our Showroom

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