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Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are used when an operational window is not required. You may have a space where more natural light is required or in a far to reach spot where operational windows is not an option or you just might want to create a visual statement with a fixed window.

Fixed windows also have a range of glazing options available to improve energy efficiency and a choice in glazing bars. Like all our timber windows, they can be made to any size you require.

So whether you are replacing old windows or looking for timber windows for your new home or renovation, Fixed windows are a great choice for certain situations. Click on the tabs below to view a more in depth description on Fixed Windows and what their benefits are.

Fixed Timber Windows

What is a Fixed Window?

Fixed Windows do not open at all and therefore can be made in just about any shape or size.

When to use a Fixed Window

A fixed window is a non operational window and its function is limited to allowing light to enter.

  • They are used when light or vision alone is required.
  • They can also be used in modern architecture to make a visual statement, adding interest to both the internal and external aesthetics of a building.
  • If you need an odd shape window then a fixed window would suit.
  • Fixed windows are a perfect choice when very large uninterrupted view are required.
  •  As they do not open, there is no air leakage so they can be used in harsh weather conditions to protect the house from drafts.
  • Fixed windows are a perfect choice for shopfronts or display windows.

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