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Bay Windows

Bay windows are known for creating a stylish and often dramatic presence to a home. They present a decorative look to both the inside and outside of the home. They create more space inside and increase airflow and natural light into the home.

So whether you are replacing windows or looking for timber windows for your new home or renovation, Bay windows may be a great choice for your home. Click on the tabs below to view a more in depth description on Bay Windows, how they work and what their benefits are.


What is a Bay Window?

Bay Windows are typically made up of three to five sections to form a radius, more sections can be added depending on the space. The window sections can be Casement, Fixed,  Awning or Double Hung or a combination of these types.

When to use a Bay Window

Bay windows are used for many reasons.

  • They are perfect for increased ventilation as you can have multiple openings for fresh air to enter.
  • Bay windows can incorporate double glazing to maximise energy efficiency.
  • They add value to the home as they add aesthetic appeal to both the inside and outside of a home.
  • Bay windows have panoramic view so allowing more natural light to enter the home.
  • They are used extensively in period style homes but can be used to great affect in contemporary architecture.
  • Bay Windows can create extra space inside of the home and can be used in a multitude of ways to create different areas of use, from banquette seating to reading nooks, display sills to storage chests.

Insect Screens for Bay Windows

We can supply timber framed fly screens with aluminium or stainless steel mesh to use with Bay Windows. We can recommend an installer for aluminium framed fly screens.

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